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Welcome to my Candid Thoughts!

My personal blog is about to spread positivity and good vibes amidst the events and stresses of our daily lives. Have a glimpse of my thoughts, feelings, and my buried passions to inspire people and awaken their senses of hope, joy, and love.

My scribbled thoughts and ideas are based on real life experiences to tell you how you can come out of the dark, too! Every article in this blog promises you to be happy at the end of the day.

I owe you one coffee if you don’t! Happy reading!

How to Survive the Pandemic Crisis

When will this pandemic be over? Maybe this is the same question we are all asking. We are hoping that one day when we wake up in the morning, puff! The Corona virus is gone and everything is back to normal! Hooray! But going outside without the fear of catching the virus is just wistful […]

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